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How it works


Advanced Technology to Protect Your Website from Hackers!

How does it work? 

Using a comprehensive attack library, VampireScan assess risks in Cloud and Web applications and summarizes the results in an Application Score.  (Click here to Learn More about Application Scoring) Additionally, VampireScan makes it feasible to continuously test all applications by providing testing at the level that is appropriate for the potential risk. 

VampireScan’s technology goes beyond signature-based security techniques by assessing application risk while the application is in production.  Utilizing behavioral design and a non-signature based approach, VampireScan’s application risk assessments are highly-effective and provides the highest accuracy rate with the lowest false positives and finds more ‘real’ vulnerabilities. 


By using Mozilla to attack applications at the browser level, VampireScan finds all critical vulnerabilities including application logic tests, such as session hijacking, strong passwords, privacy policy validation, etc. as well as all the core vulnerabilities like XSS, Buffer Overflow, SQL Disclosure, and others. Similar to anti-virus updates on personal computers, VampireTech provides weekly updates for application security.  These updates are used in automated attacks that simulate a Hacker trying to compromise or cripple the application.  These attacks have built-in intelligence and their objective is to find vulnerabilities rather than compromise the application.  VampireScan’s vulnerability discovery utilizes an Attack Library encapsulating best practices to test application attack resistance and validate conformance to regulatory and internal security compliances.

VampireScan is the only application security solution to provide the ability to test all ‘Production’ Cloud and Web applications via virtualization.   Current methods of addressing the application security problem focus on improving security within the software development lifecycle.  While testing early in development has merit, it doesn’t address security vulnerabilities of the application in production leaving a majority of these applications in product exposed and vulnerable. VampireScan allows continuous testing of the production applications in a virtual environment without the risk of compromise.

VampireScan, foot-prints your application first and then scans for vulnerabilities. As vulnerabilities are discovered through a set of specific Categories, exploits are tested to see how your application responds in real time. Each discovered vulnerability, exploit, and application response is logged and formatted into an easy to understand report that provides clear, concise insight into the security weaknesses of your application. Organizations can then decide how to fix the vulnerability and push the revised version into production or take other measures such as application firewall implementation and configuration to prevent Hackers from attacking the application.

With the VampireScan technology, you do not have to be a Software Security Guru to use our solutions.  Our easy to use online portal will simply ask you for the URL of your web application and from there, VampireScan does the rest. 

Don’t have the time or expertise to secure your Environment?  Let VampireTech’s Security Experts, trained and certified by EC-Council, help. Click here to learn more about VampireTech's Professional and Managed Services.

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