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VampireSeal-Protected from Hackers


Show You Care to Protect Your Website from Hackers with a VampireSeal!

VampireSeal. Defend Your Website from Hackers!

When you become a VampireTech customer, you are authorized to display the VampireSeal on your website.  Seals are small images that show the date when your website was last scanned for vulnerabilities in addition to other information to let your site visitors know your site is a secure site. The VampireSeal will show vital information about your website when a customer hovers over it allowing them to trust your website.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to increase conversion rates on your website is to show your customers you care about their privacy and want to protect your business from Hackers.  Seals also show your users you utilize available technologies to make sure your website is safe from Spam, Identity Theft and other online threats typically vulnerable to Hackers.  Prove to your customers not only that your identity is correct (your website is not fake or mirrored), but you take security seriously.‬

With VampireSeal, you get multiple benefits and they increase with each level of Scan you select:

    Place the VampireSeal on your site and sleep tight. Watch your visitors browse your pages with confidence and increase your sales.
    Find out more about our signature scans and offerings:

    Owing to the rapidly developing IT infrastructure, we see an exponential rise on online shoppers and buyers. However this has led to online cybercrime, online theft and scams to an all-time high. Research shows that on average, 73 per cent of online purchases are aborted by the consumer for the fear of getting scammed and nearly one in two shoppers abandon their shopping carts due to security fears.
    Consumers are used to visible reassurance just like bricks and mortar environment. They want to visibly be able to perceive that the pages there are visiting and dropping their personal information is being secured and trusted by a reputable vendor.

    They want assurance that the site cares for their security and this is integrates to a huge portion of customer care attitude of the sales staff. If they feel a total lack of consumer awareness and customer support, then they can easily go elsewhere.

    VampireSeal helps you to demonstrate that you are secured and trusted by the global leaders in the information security domain. We help you build your customers’ confidence and reassure potential customers that their personal information is more secure.

    Vampireseal brings you a better return on your security investment by eradicating uncertainty on your website and converting browsers into buyers by instilling trust and confidence.

    Download our trial seal now free of cost and see the exponential rise conversion rates by yourself!

    Sizes of the seals offered:


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