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Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing


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Vulnerability Assessment PT (Penetration Testing)

Vulnerability is a potential weakness in an organization’s security implementation.  A flaw may exist and may even be documented, but has yet to be exploited.  Some vulnerabilities, although exploitable, may not yield enough information in return for time and resources necessary to exploit them.  

VampireTech offers our more extensive vulnerability assessment that will provide your organization an in-depth view around key points of risks within your information security plan and environment.  This assessment and deep testing will identify weaknesses in your organization’s overall security posture including physical and logical vulnerabilities.  Identifying and quantifying in-depth vulnerabilities beyond the web application in an organization’s internal and external process is key to moving to an end-to-end security program.


Penetration testing is the exploitation of vulnerabilities present in an organization's network. Penetration testing training simulates methods that intruders use to gain unauthorized access to an organization’s networked systems and then compromise them. VampireTech’s Penetration testers will use EC-Council proprietary methodologies and tools to test known technical vulnerabilities in networked systems.

Apart from automated techniques, our licensed penetration testers involves manual techniques for conducting targeted testing on specific systems to ensure there are no security flaws that may have gone undetected earlier. This helps determine which vulnerabilities are exploitable and the degree of information exposure or network control that the organization could expect an attacker to achieve after successfully exploiting vulnerability.

Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing begins with a scan of your Cloud-based and Web Applications using our Patent Pending VampireScan Technology.  We will then perform extensive interviews of an organization’s key security constituents.  From there, we simulate vulnerabilities to test an organization’s strength in handling the attacks.  Our team finalizes the service with a detailed and customized findings and recommendations document that defines improvements to your Security Program.

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