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The Internet by nature allows criminals to pose as regular Web Site Visitors, Professional Hackers know how to maintain anonymity and often times see your website as a gateway into your companies confidential information, Web Servers, sometimes even your company networks. According to the 2011 Verizon Business Report, over 90% of websites online today contain vulnerabilities, over 60% of the attacks they researched originated at the application layer. Testing your Web applications with VampireScan will give you direct, actionable insight on high, medium, and low risk vulnerabilities so you can focus security efforts where they will have the most impact on organizational security posture.
VampireScan uses behavioral designs in its approach, firstfoot printing your application, and then scanning for vulnerabilities. As vulnerabilities are discovered through a set of specific Categories, exploits are tested to see how your application responds in real time. Each discovered vulnerability, exploit, and app response is logged and formatted into an easy to understand report that provides clear, concise insight into the security weaknesses of your application. Our Cutting Edge reporting structure not only identifies weaknesses, but also provides extensive remediation tips so you can take the appropriate steps in correcting the issues. Take a look at our three levels of Scans to see which is most appropriate for your environment.
No, VampireScan is designed specifically to test Web-enabled Applications. Attack vectors are based on application layer vulnerabilities and known exploits.
No, VampireScan is designed specifically to test Web-enabled Applications. Attack vectors are based on application layer vulnerabilities and known exploits.
Depending on the level of service you select, you will receive enough information to categorize vulnerabilities into high, medium, and low risk. Our World Class reporting procedures will provide you will published information on the actual vulnerability found, what exploits were successful and a host of resources with remediation steps.
Not at all! was designed with the end user in mind. Our reports automatically categorize your vulnerabilities into High, Medium, and Low risk; provide resources where you can find more information as well as clear remediation steps. To run a scan, all you need is an online login we provide you upon trialing or purchasing the Scan Subscription, The authority to run scans on the target site, and the URL of the Web application. Our scans run automatically in the background and notify you once complete. At that point, you will be provided access to your scan results in an easy to use web interface where you will download your .PDF Results and begin reviewing what VampireScan has found.
Yes, VampireTech's EC-Council certified security experts can assist on a consulting basis to remediate any vulnerabilities found as well as set you up with long term app maintenance/monitoring schedules.
Feel free to contact our team at VampireTech by Email – Or by phone at (505)922-2880.

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